Cosplay Parade

Stage 1

Saturday –, —

Registrations will be made at the secretariat on Saturday 28 October.

Please read all the rules below carefully.

All participants will receive a gift for their participation (until stocks run out)


– For the cosplayers of the parade, there will be a special space to change.

People under the age of 18 must register in the presence of a guardian, who will sign at that time a responsible declaration or a validated responsible declaration for their participation in the competition. Provocative costumes are strictly forbidden (it is up to the secretariat to decide which ones belong to this category).

Anyone can participate in the parade. The costumes do not have to be handmade. The parade is NOT a contest with a winner’s prize.

-Participation is allowed in both the Parade and the Competition of the next day, but in a different uniform.

– Sharp weapons with dangerous angles are prohibited, to avoid injury.

-The contestants have time up to 30 seconds on stage.

-The music will be selected from the production of the event.

-Props that use projectiles and the use of chemicals in the area are not allowed.

By participating in the parade you allow CowboyTV to use and upload photos and videos in articles as well as on facebook, in internal presentations and posters.


The event is full of surprises and special topics that will catch your attention. The identity of GAMEATHLON may be gaming, but the fun does not stop there.

First Floor

Stage 1

Cosplay Parade

The impressive creations of Cos-player will parade again on the 360 stage of GAMEATHLON raising the hype to epic level. Do not miss the spectacular show with the special recitation by Cowboy that has become a trademark!