Cosplay Competition

Stage 1





  • 1st – 400€
  • 2nd – 200€
  • 3rd – 100€
  • 4th – ΤΒΑ
  • 5th – ΤΒΑ

Cowboy Award:  ΤΒΑ

Gameathlon Team Award: ΤΒΑ

Purchased Costume: 

Contestants who want to compete in ready-made costumes must register online and have checked in at the secretariat of the event on 26/02 until 13.00.

To register you must fill in the form below until 22/10 at 24.00. For any questions you can contact us at or on our social media.

You will receive a confirmation from the event that all the information you sent is correct.

Handmade Costume:

The costume should be handmade and the contestants should present a progress book for the judges.

To register you must fill in the form below until 22/10 at 24.00. For any questions you can contact us at or on our social media.

You will receive a confirmation from the event that all the information you sent is correct, as well as the time you should be at the venue for your prejudging.

General Rules:
  • For the cosplayers of the competition, there will be a special room to change. An assistant is allowed, who will also have free admission to the event.
  • The show can not be longer than 60 seconds
  • Individuals under 18 years of age must declare their appearance on the day of the event in the presence of a guardian must bring a ready responsible statement for their participation in the competition. Provocative uniforms are strictly forbidden (it is up to the secretariat to decide which ones belong to this category).
  • In order to compete in the “Handmade Costume” category, at least 80% of the costume must be made.
  • Sharp and dangerous objects are prohibited
  • Smoke, smoke bombs, fires and fireworks are prohibited
  • The costume should be based on a character from a published video game, comic, anime-manga, movie, TV series, book or pop culture in general
  • The contestants can use an assistant who can also wear a uniform but his role should be limited and distinct from the contestant
  • Contestants in uniform from previous Gameathlon & amp; eGaming or competitions / parades of other events / events are deprived of points worth 10%. The ComicDom-Con contest is excluded from the rule.
  • Crafter can use another model for stage presence but there will be points deprivation of stage presence from the overall score.
  • Each judge scores each participant with an excellent 40 points in the construction, with an excellent 20 points in fidelity, with an excellent 30 points for stage presence, and up to 10 points for difficulty. Participants with stage prop have a direct 5 bonus points. The audience will vote live their choice and every participant will get their percentage result from the audience as flat points (ex. if a participant get 10% in voting, they will get plus 10 points in total). The participant with the highest score wins the competition, etc. In case of cancellation of participation, the winners are scrolled.
  • Inform the event if they want to use objects that pollute the stage such as gold dust, confetti and anything else to get approval
  • Be able to walk on their own without outside help on stage
  • In case the participants need time to prepare the stage for their stage presence, they should inform the event in advance.
  • Contestants are not allowed to be related to a member of the jury
  • The competition is individual
  • The jury score will be given to the participants after the end of the competition.
  • By participating in the contest you allow CowboyTV and the participating companies to use and upload photos and videos to articles as well as social media, in-house presentations and posters.
  • The contest is interactive between presenters and contestants, which means that it is possible for there to be, for example, audio interference during a presentation, for a presenter to come into contact with unused props, etc. In the event of a prop failure by the presenters on stage, the event will cover the cost of the damage. As the competition takes place in a live event program, there is a possibility for delays.
  • By participating in the contest you agree to the Terms of Use and Rules of the Event.


The event is full of surprises and special topics that will catch your attention. The identity of GAMEATHLON may be gaming, but the fun does not stop there.

First Floor

Stage 1

Cosplay Parade

The impressive creations of Cos-player will parade again on the 360 stage of GAMEATHLON raising the hype to epic level. Do not miss the spectacular show with the special recitation by Cowboy that has become a trademark!