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Welcome to 10 years of GAMEATHLON, no amount of words, pictures or videos can capture the feeling and uniqueness of it.

It will probably be the grassroots philosophy combined with the absolute freedom of expression and the diversity that coexists so harmoniously in the 13,000 square meters of the mega event.

From families and mini-geeks to the most die-hard gamers, there’s sure to be something to see, do or create the 48 hours the facility is open.

The over 20,000 visitors hosted over the two days of the event and the incredible support from the communities made it an “institution” that has withstood memorandums, capital controls, pandemics, wars and pretty much any other “minor inconvenience” the last decade had to offer, continuing the evolution of the gaming scene over the years.

On the same day you will meet professional gamers, ministers, cosplayers, programmers, tattoo artists, communities, multinational executives, teachers, trappers and the most notorious content creators… all in the same technological blockbuster with the purest atmosphere!

We return with a unique megaevent production, which will have what we loved and even more

Opening hours

Friday 28, 17.00-22.00
Saturday 29, 10.00-22.00
Sunday 30, 10.00-22.00

Location : Tae Kwon Do Olympic Arena

Tickets: More.com

Follow us for more hype and giveaways:

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Choose your status below and experience the uniqueness of GAMEATHLON with us.

Send us your questions, follow us on Facebook & Instagram to receive updates..

  • General Information – info@gameathlon.eu
  • eSports Queries – shavredakis@ign.com
  • Andreas Derdemezis (Organization) – cowboy@cbtv.gr
  • Gerakou Giota (Programming) – ygerakou@cbtv.gr
  • Amanda Kanelakopoulou(PR) – amanda@cbtv.gr
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Do you want to come to GAMEATHLON and bring your console or PC?

Die-hard gamers from all over Greece gather at the unique Lan Party, a specially designed space at the heart of the event, which awaits everyone who wants to bring their own setup and experience it gaming and chill, with dedicated WiFi and 1 Gbps Ethernet.

GAMEATHLON will provide internet, space and power to all those who will attend, while the rig and all its functional parts are the responsibility of those interested.

For security reasons both of the space and of the hundreds of machines, the operation during the evening hours 22:00-08:00 will be limited and the limit of participants will not exceed 30.

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The event is full of surprises and special topics that will catch your attention. The identity of GAMEATHLON may be gaming, but the fun does not stop there.

Main Stage

Cosplay Competition

Main Stage

Cosplay Parade

First Floor


First Floor

Artist & Cosplay Alley

First Floor

GO Radio

First Floor

Battle of the Realms
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More information soon.

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More information soon.

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More information soon.

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