Battle of the Realms

Arena 2

Gondor’s Battalions presents the ultimate LARP tournament “Battle of the Realms” and invites all players who want to test their skills in live medieval LARP weapon battles, participate in an amazing fantasy role-playing game and become a gladiator!
Whether you are an experienced gamer, or you want to explore a fantastic world and live a new experience, you will have the opportunity to do so at GAMEATHLON!

The tournament will be held in mini 4 X 4 arenas and the rules will be presented to the players by the certified referees, who will watch the games closely.
They will be present to make decisions during the battle about the hard hits, but also the way the gladiators behave with each other.

Feel free to bring your own LARP weapons and protective armor and come prepared, like real brave gladiators!

The grand winner, deservedly, will enjoy the eternal admiration of the Swan Knights of Dol Amorth, the Rangers of Ithilien and the rest of the warriors of the Realms of the Fantasy Universe, and a grand prize awaits.


The event is full of surprises and special topics that will catch your attention. The identity of GAMEATHLON may be gaming, but the fun does not stop there.

First Floor

Stage 1

Cosplay Parade

The impressive creations of Cos-player will parade again on the 360 stage of GAMEATHLON raising the hype to epic level. Do not miss the spectacular show with the special recitation by Cowboy that has become a trademark!